Royal Mail Problems - Can't buy online postage as won't process payment

Posted 2nd Oct 2022
Anyone else having massive problems paying for postage online for Royal Mail? I've been trying for ages to arrange a collection for tomorrow but at the final step after having paid, it always says the payment could not be processed:

I need to arrange some urgent collections for tomorrow and this is really annoying. I have other items already being collected tomorrow by Royal Mail which were meant to be collected last week but I had to shift those to Monday cause of the stupid strikes and now this. Have tried Paypal and also paying with Credit Cards directly, also tried using different browsers. Every time it shows they took the payment (payment is fully authorised and shows as pending for each time I tried with Paypal and my Credit Card company). Is this problem nationwide for everyone or just affecting me?

Have loads of ebay items which are already late and now this - it's beyond a joke.
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    I need to use it in min... Will report back

    Edit... Just done it online no problem (edited)
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    Royal Mail was down for maintenance between 11PM and 3AM I believe.
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    I got the same last night.

    Tried paying with card and PayPal three times and all failed.
    Thanks for letting me know. I have no idea how Royal Mail are still in business. What a joke
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    Try paying via paypal? Ive paid for 10 items or so past few days no problem... Never use debit card those as i normally use paypal to pay
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    I am having the same problem now, and have been having this issue for a couple of days already. Did you ever find out what it was? Thank you!
    I think it was down to maintenence / incompetence by whoever runs their website. After a while it just started working again for me
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    I have had the same problems and tried both Vivaldi and Firefox with cookies etc allowed but still no good.
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