Royal Mail Redirection Service?

Found 24th Feb 2016
Hi, can anyone provide consturctive feedback regarding Royal Mail's Redirection Service?
Whether you've had any issues with using this service or not. Recommendations? Yay or nay? Is it worth it?

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Very good service never had a problem

Very good service never had a problem

i used it when we moved in the summer.... no complaints here. very good service
how much does this cost and generally how long would you need it for? I am about to move house soon myself
We didnt bother when we moved! Totally forgot about it and just changed what we needed too! Don't get any junk mail now though!

how much does this cost and generally how long would you need it for? I … how much does this cost and generally how long would you need it for? I am about to move house soon myself

Redirections prices
Length of Redirection
Price per last name
*Prices are exempt from VAT
**Prices are zero rated for VAT
***Prices include VAT

Within the UK*
Up to 3 months
Up to 6 months
Up to 12 months

we did it for 3 months just remember each time you get a letter that was redirected(and you will forget someone)you inform whoever it was from,2 years down the line i recieve a golf magazine for previous tennants(i didnt for the 1st 6 months) so obviously their redirection came to an end without informing the magazine
used it for year and a half excellent service
some letters from govt n inland revenue etc can't be redirected and says on them Do not redirect.
but overall I'll give 9/10 to service
thanks all!
Thanks for the feedback everyone (_;)
Whether it's worth it or not kind of depends on how likely you are to get things sent to your old address that need redirecting? I did it the last time I moved, and I the only non-junky thing that it affected* was my annual statement from the Student Loans Company (they had slipped my mind when listing places to notify of the change). So, not really £29.99 worth in that case. Stuff like bills, work, bank and friends/family can be easily notified online or by phone - what else is there? If you're really looking to save the money, a nice landlord or new tennant might also be able to just let you know/forward things...

* Of course, I can only judge it based on what was succesfully redelivered - I may have actually missed loads of mail in that three months if they messed it up...

Just to give you some more information that might sway your decision. Should a letter be returned to your bank as 'addressee not known' or 'gone away' then it is very very likely your accounts will immediately be frozen under the banks normal fraud prevention procedures.

The same with your credit card company, etc etc. If you are super organised you could in theory change all your addresses for the day you move, but lets be honest, it can take a while, and often mailings are prepared days/weeks in advance.

Don't risk it.
Its worth it but at the end of the day the relocation service relies on the postman who delivers to your old address remembering there is relocation when sorting the mail for delivery. The only way for him/her to remember is see a plastic envelope in a pigeon hole and then looking at small white labels. Errors will occur when they are sorting several hundred pieces of mail at 5am in the morning. Humans will make mistakes.

Years ago we moved to Ireland and paid to redirect our post. My house was rented out to tenants. My partner's post re-direction was overlooked. This was corrected once we became aware of it. We got an enormous shock nearly 6 years later when debt collectors were harassing my partner for payment of a loan that he hadn't taken out. Basically he got caught in an identity theft scam. In the days when lenders sent you letters asking if you wanted money with a reply paid envelope, someone just sent it off.
Very good service
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