royal mail ref number starting ZA / custom charges

just a quick question i have recieved a sorry we cant deliver slip today as there is a customs charge to pay of about £12
im waiting for something from ireland and the US so im guessing it the one from the US

the tracking number starts ZA does this give any idication as to where it was sent from ?



There won't be a customs charge from Ireland, so it's whatever you bought from the States.

A quick google of ZA comes up with South Africa maybe its actually being sent from there? (just a guess)

ZA is probably South Africa.

I had a customs charge the other week which started with a ZA and that was from France (or Germany, I still can't figure out which) so doubt the letters relate to a country. (Btw before anyone says, I'm disputing the charge)

I think all the customs tracking no's start with ZA.

I dont remember buying anything but i got the same slip with custom charges for about £12. What should i do?
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