Royal Mail 'Returns Service' - Maximum weight?

Found 23rd Jan 2012
I'm sending a large quantity of items to CEX using the royal mail 'returns service' label, however the weight is around 12kg.

I just wondered whether the post office will accept such a large parcel using the service.

Can anyone advise?
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Do you mean the freepost service? I don't think there is a weight limit.

If you are sending anything of value bear in mind you will have no comeback if your package is lost or stolen or even if Cex fail to acknowledge it as there's no tracking. With Cex I would advise to send in via Special Delivery or courier to save yourself aggro down the line especially for expensive goods.

I've just found something on Royalmail, it seems to be called 'Packetpost returns':

We agree a flat rate price with you when you set up your account. The … We agree a flat rate price with you when you set up your account. The cost is based on the average weight of the packages returned, which is checked regularly.In the first three months, we’ll give you money back if you’ve overestimated the weight, or you give us the extra if you’ve underestimated. This means we can offer you the best value possible, as you only pay for exactly what you receive. After this we agree a price based on the previous three months’ average weights. The maximum weight for First Class is 20kg, and 5kg for Second Class.

I presume the R1 on the label stands for first class, so I should be safe.
yes R1 will cover upto 25kg or more, did you request that off cex?
i have heard horror stories about CEX returns, so I would recommend that if it isn't included in the pre-paid postage label that you pay the extra 77p for the recorded service so you have proof of delivery you can show them if there are any issues.
how long does it take for R1 post packet return to reach back to the sender?
NEVER send anything to CEX untracked, you have been warned
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