Royal Mail Runaround

Found 4th Dec 2008
Sorry about this but i feel the need for a good whinge.

I moved home about two months ago and since which time we have experienced our mail vanishing into thin air. Not the junk mail unfortunately but pretty much every other official looking piece of mail is failing to reach us. Annoyingly it took us about a month to notice what with the stress of moving and getting everything else sorted.

I havent said anything to the postie as it may be he who is taking the mail so i went to my local post office which incidentaly is now over a mile away because our "local" post office closed 2 weeks after we arrived in area. I spent 30 minutes in a queue because despite having 5 windows only 2 were open and everybody in front of me was apparently an ebayer posting parcels.

Eventually upon getting to the window things took a turn for the worse for upon explaining my situation to him he didnt know what to do and ran off into the back to ask someone else. Two minutes later he returned with the number of my local sorting office scribbled on a post-it note.

Sigh !!!

When i got back home i called the number only to find that because it was now the middle of the afternoon the office was shut and i would now have to ring back the next day.

Groan !!!!!

Next day i phone back and now i am politely told that my local sorting office isnt a "proper" sorting office and i would have to phone the main one in chester, for which they dont have the phone number for.

Sigh + Groan !!!!!

Now i fire up the pc and find the phone number for the chester sorting office, get on the blower to them who now tell me they dont handle complaints about missing mail and that i should phone their national customer service line.

Now i am upset !!!! no actually, now, I AM IRATE........

I cant handle any more phone calls so i get the missus to phone the national number in case i happen to get abusive to those lovely people at the mail. I go outside and try to calm myself down. It doesent work though.


Because the missus comes back to me and tells me i now need to phone my "local" sorting office.......
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Get a PO Box instead.

[size=1]Not serious.[/size]
Funny, my mail redirection is fine. Wish they would lose all these 'official looking' bills etc tbh :lol:
Actually hadnt yet thought of calling the police, Thinking the Mail themselves would sort it out. I mean really how hard can it be to make a complaint. By doing so i am actually doing them a favour by pointing out a serious issue they have.
Tell them you want compensation, might be hard work but you should get something in the end!
you should send yourself a parcel, in it put a big lump of turd and tell them you've reported them to the police and to have a nice Christmas.... lol
follow the postman home, raid his house,

write a formal letter to royal mail , complaining
all u do is when your post man is deliverying letters to your road while his sack is on his bike take it n leave him a note sayin you steal mine i steal urs that way if it is him he should stop lol
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