Posted 3rd Jun 2007
Does any one know how much it will cost to send a LCD PC monitor with Royal Mail?
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    £19.25 special delivery
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    If under 2kgs £7.75

    LOL you can tell i was concentrating when writing this...not! I decided to miss the price off ...sorry!
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    Cheaper to use a courier from Ebay, I sent a PC with massive case(about 12KG) for £6 next day delivery with DHL, im not sure if im allowed to put name of companys on here that do it though.

    Its insured for up to £100, costs a quid or so more to insure for up to £250
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    If under 2kgs

    £7.75 if UNDER 2KG.
    £19.45 if OVER 2KG
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    Just for future reference. Ive been an avid user of parcel2go. If I need to ship a fairly big item, Parcel2go is my first stop shop for getting a quote. They dont just work with one courier either, They cover most of the main couriers, DPD, UPS, DHL, Hermes (even parcelforce...) etc etc - they are all there. All you have to do is get a quote, click on the courier that you prefer more or best suits your budget and arrange a collection or drop your parcel off at a designated collection point after you have printed out and attached/prepared all the required and necessary paperwork - They may require you to print your own invoices and dispatch notes etc etc

    I would personally avoid parcelforce though. I have never had a great experience with them and it doesnt matter if im the one arranging a collection and having things delivered for me or them making a delivery to me.

    Customer support at Parcel2go are really great though, because when parcelforce fail to turn up for a collection twice in one week after everything has been arranged. Parcel2go have been quick about booking me a replacement service at no extra cost. (parcelforce guy eventually turned up two weeks later for the collection...)

    It might sound like im advertising for P2G but they have been really useful. There is another site like P2G but i cant remember off the top of my head.
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