Royal Mail sent two compensation cheques?

Found 12th Mar 2013
Royal Mail sent me two cheques for the same amount for the same compensation claim. Is it illegal to cash them both?
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Can I be cheeky and ask how much you got, not moaning or anything I am just being nosy lol
I would say yes. Especially as you are aware of the mistake, then you would be aware you would be ( if presented for payment) cashing two. i'm surprised they even issued cheques. These are so rare nowdays most companies use electronic payments.
Would you want for anyone to do the same if you sent two cheques by accident?
no its not "illegal" it's just morally wrong
well if you cash one in and let the missus cash in the other one they won't suspect a thing
I thought the royal mail gave stamps in value as compensation ?
I really can't believe you are asking this question here. It's not only completely morally wrong, but the fact that you didn't even think that anyone else would think badly of you on here by asking makes me feel very sorry for you.
This site is full of fraud today, ipads being returned to different retailers 3 months after purchase and now this. Anyone desperate for info an cracking safes or credit card skimming?
Why not do the right thing and just send it back?
send one to me and i will cash it in
if you were to cash one in and your wife cashed the other without either of you knowing how could it be wrong
Not illegal, just bank them, if they ask for the money back, send it back to them. As far as you know this is extra compensation for their mistake.
Cash them in, into different accounts just to be safe.
Royal Mail have been ripping us off with their inflated prices.
Don't you dare do it as us taxpayers will be footing the bill.
Probably done it on purpose knowing full well at least one wouldn't get through.
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