Royal mail sorting office opening times?

Anyone know if there open as usual on saturday 2nd jan?


Yes they are open as normal Sat

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was closed today! not sure why its new years eve, atleast stay open till 1pm.

I got red carded today and it said I couldnt collect until Monday

Its just to allow the parcel to return to the office. If your postman dropped your parcel off at his nearest post office it will have to be re-delivered to the delivery office. You could call Sat but it may not be back yet.

I dont think that is the case as the cards normally say that it can be picked up a couple of hours after they tried to deliver, 24 hours at the most. I think our sorting office is closed until next week now.

open as usual on sat,but scotland ones are closed

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Annoying thing is they dont have a direct phone number so i cant check via calling. Will have to just go there in person to check. I dont think they will be open but i dont see why they shouldnt be.

And to the guy who got carded and it reads collection from monday. Whenever i get carded it always says a minimum of 24 hours sometimes says 48 hours. No idea why, guessing because he keeps the parcels in his van and doesnt offload them back to the sorting office?

Anyway it better be open because it could cost me £100 and alot of dead fish (dont ask) if i dont get that parcel by tomorrow!
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