Royal Mail Special Delivery???

How much do you think it will cost to send a Nintendo Wii with controllers and accessories via Royal Mail special delivery??

To arrive by 1pm tomorrow.

Thanks guys.


around 8-10 quid

£20.70 RMSD next day

EDIT If you weigh you Wii it should be around 3kg which takes it to the 2kg-10kg
bracket. The postage calculator is here:-

go to [url]www.royalmail.com[/url] and price it

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By the way it weighs around 5kg, so quite a heavy item.

Sometimes better to split your parcel as the price rises from £8.25 to £20.70 as soon as go over 2 KG.
If you are near a Staples they do a good deal but havn't used it for a while so not sure of the detail but it used to be up to 5 kg for £6.00....anyone else know what it is now?
You can check the Royal Mail price calculator on line.

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That's a massive jump from 2kg to 10kg?? Suppose it'll be £20.70.


That's a massive jump from 2kg to 10kg?? Suppose it'll be £20.70.

As I thought.
You may be better ff trying here

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Cheers Simon.

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They could only pick up tomorrow. Does anyone know of a company who is reasonably priced that will pick up the same day?? I would send it recorded, but that only covers you for around £36.


Most couriers require booking before 12pm for same day collection, hardly use couriers but the last time I did, I booked before their cut off time and they didn't turn up the same day!

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Ok thanks for that. I've decided to split the package and see if it saves me some dough.

If you post it useing Royal Mail 'standard parcel' and add enhanced insurance (cover up to £250) you will save a lot of money on the postage price and it will still be covered for the full value of the goods.


actually you can go on ebay and get a courier, i use them sometimes and my goods are always deliverd within 24 hours. Most of them use DHL as they courier. It's a lot cheaper than Royal Mail.
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