Posted 17th Jan 2023
Hi All

Just wondering if anyone else has successfully managed to get their old stamps swapped out for the new bar code versions by posting off the form and including their stamps.

I'm a bit concerned as I have £50 worth left and the address to post it to makes it clear that it is for the swap out service so anybody could potentially take them on route. Just because of the amount bit concerned nene the question or thoughts.

As if they get lost just lost money.
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    This question seems to have replaced the "when is next eBay FVF offer" posts.
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    they seemed to have worked fine for me and i have swapped £114 at a time, and have done it 3 times already. it is taking a risk but seemed fine.
    Just normal post?
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    Some bloke on my round said he sent off about 60 and they shortchanged him £5 worth but he rang up customer service, got straight through and they apologised and sent him the rest. Might be worth ringing up. (edited)
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    I swapped just over £200 worth back last year and had no issues. Just make sure you take pics of the form and stamps before posting and I also made sure I got a COP.
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    I have also used the service to replace what was left of my stamps after Xmas posting. I got the new versions last week which probably won't get used until next Xmas
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    Posted for a value of £ 70 and received the new stamps within 1 week. Easy. But sent a mixture of first and second class and only received first class in return.
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    sent £13 worth in November and received replacements within a week
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    I sent mine last week over £200 worth but not heard from them yet. I did send them special delivery
    Ok maybe that's the way then recorded or special delivery which no doubt you have to use their stamps to pay for to get your stamps back con really, news reports say you can now use them until end of July 23.
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    Worth noting we have until July to use the old ones. The website contradicts itself on several pages, but my local post office clarified it was July.
    Yes and no.
    Officially the deadline stays at 31 Jan, but they won't charge recipients until after 31 July.
    So you shouldn't use the old stamps, but if you do because you are not aware of the changes then the recipient won't have to pay. If you are aware then you really should use the new stamps.
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    Btw they've now extended the usage of the old stamps until July!
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    Fyi sent my stamps off in the end came to £68 been 10 days heard nothing
    it can take between 3 to 4 weeks so i wouldn't worry about it just yet. for small amounts, it tends to come back between 2 to 3 weeks. others have had it back within 2 weeks for smaller amounts.
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