Royal Mail strike

I'm beginning to think Royal Mail are lying to customers about the affects of the current CWU strike action. I have a large number of items delayed, and none of them would pass through Royal Mail depots that are officially listed by the company as taking strike action.
Lets hope this doesn't escalate into yet ANOTHER nationwide strike! Nobody likes change in the workplace or the prospect of job losses, but perhaps the CWU should wake up and accept that their members are not immune to the current financial crisis, and that change is necessary for RM to survive. It's the same old faces on the picket lines in London, and maybe it's time they were thankful they actually have jobs, when so many others have already lost theirs!



Can't we replace them with immigrants?

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Although there is a requirement for immigrants to speak English, I don't think they need to be able to read English. So, there would be grave danger of items being posted through the wrong letterboxes, possibly in the wrong street. Sound familiar already?? I think Royal Mail might be way ahead of you!!

thats a strike three weeks in a row
its a bit stupid because ive seen them delivering twice a day to get services back to normal the following week, sometimes even around 6-7pm
theyre still having to do the work just on another day

I was having this same conversation with my solicitor. She is telling me that she posted documents to me to be signed and I simply have not recieved it. I have not seen any post in 3 weeks. I would not be suprised if royal mail was dumping the back log. I live in a building with 3 flats and we get alot of mail, there has been nothing. There are alot of unemployed people who dont have a great deal of english but enough to post correctly.

i havent been affected by the strikes at all, is it just London or something?

yup just London
the commercial capital of the UK with an amazing postal service at its disposal
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