Royal Mail strike effect on Mobile Cash Back claims?

I am awaitjng my 4th bill scheduled for end of next week so that I can invoice for my first round of cash back on my contract mobile. It was a clearance deal so I have only 21days from the bill date to get it in. As the bill usually arrives 3 or 4 days after the printed date its tight anyway. If the strike causes me to recieve the bill late or arrive late then I'm sure I won't get any sympathy from the Mobile retailer. This will mean I will lose all £480 (12 months free on 12 month contract) Will I be able to recover this money from Royal Mail as compensation?



Its disgusting that this is allowed to continue, some (not me) rely on RM for cheques, important docs, etc,etc, and they should not be allowed to hold our mail as randsom

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Maybe this will sound a bit contraversial but if I were to go for a job with x salary, y pension and z bonus and then to turn around and kick up a stink about how poor the conditions are then I have no sympathy for them. I agree that firefighters do a fantastic and dangerous job, but why apply for it and do it if you don't think £28k (guessing) is suitable for the type of job. If you don't like the conditions don't apply. Eventually, if nobody applies then the salary will have to go up to tempt people in.

Back to my original point, anyone think RM will offer compensation to those out of pocket because of this?


I think, send it recorded so you can track it to see if it arrives, if after a few days it hasnt re-send, maybe cost you a little extra but worth it so you gain £480

Thats if you can resend some ask for original bills.

I send over a dozen mobile cashback claims a year via SD, recorded is just poor tracking method of the poor 1st class service, nothing more.


if its an original bill needed, i think maybe the OP should contact his mobile provider to discuss this

Just posted about this here ]http//ww…802. The fax is an alternative method, but I'm concerned about how much this might cost. I'm going to send it Special Delivery on Thursday when the strike is supposed to have ended, with consequential loss cover selected. If it doesn't get there before Monday I can claim the missed cashback amount from RM.

Unless send by special delivery, compensation of more than £34 (max for RD) cant be claimed. I posted a claim to e2save last week by RD and if it doesnt arrive by the end of the week, I may've to send another one by Special Delivery. Being a price-match deal and my first claim, I cant afford to gamble ~ £400.


I was told by royal mail that i could not claim for documents that go missing, could for actual items but not paperwork :?

I've just googled the phrase:

royal mail consequential loss

and got ]this link

Scroll down to the near end of the page, or, if that's too much effort :whistling:

Consequential loss

We can only offer Consequential Loss for items sent using one of our Special Delivery services. Consequential Loss is for financial loss that is separate from an item’s actual market value, incurred as a consequence of delay, loss of, or damage to the item.

However, having scrolled further, we might all get kippered cos of one of the exclusions:

[*] alternative delivery arrangements have been put in place, including ]PO Boxes, ]Local Collect, or ]Poste Restante
[*]other circumstances have occured and this has been agreed by Royal Mail after consulting Postcomm and Postwatch[/LIST]
and i know e2save for example use a PO Box address......


the cashback retailers are rubbing their hands in glory- at least someone is happy about the strikes!

as far as compensation- the most u will get is a book of stamps!
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