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Posted 13th Jan 2014

I have been a panelist for TNS (Royal Mail) for nearly 2 years now and since I joined I have earned 12 standard first class stamps and 4 large first class stamps a month for sending and receiving mail supplied by the TNS Group. Equivalent of £10.80 in stamps.

I have also received quarterly prestige stamp packs containing 12 themed first class stamps. Worth around £10 and now they are also introducing Love2Shop Vouchers for every parcel you send. (I have 2 parcels to send this week)

They are now recruiting new panelists so I thought I would share this with you, the link goes to the private individual registrations. For Business registrations see the link below.

When you register it will first see if your are eligible, if you are it will then ask for your address details and see if there are requirements within your postcode.

You may find that you are eligible but there are no requirements for your postcode so you will not be able to become a panelist.

Being a panelist involves posting around 5 items a week and receiving around the same and entering the details of what you post and what you receive on an online system.

Item's you are required to send are sent to you a week or two prior to the required postal date.

Recruitment Email from TNS:
The Royal Mail panel is expanding to enable us to better measure the wide variety of mail types that Royal Mail deliver.

This means we need to recruit additional panellists in all areas of the country.

If you know of anyone interested in participating in the measurement, please direct them to one of our self-recruit websites as detailed below.

For private individuals posting stamped test items in their local area and receiving test items to their home address, go to

For businesses that can meter-frank their outgoing mail and receive test items to their business address, go to

Also new updates to incentives for panelists for 2014
For 2014, we have some changes we want to tell you about.

Over the past few weeks, you might have seen Royal Mail’s ‘We Love Parcels’ campaign. The number of parcels that we post across the UK is increasing. Royal Mail needs information to help them deliver the best parcel delivery service they can. It is this information that you provide as a panellist, and what this means for the measurement is that we need to increase the number of parcel-type items that we ask you to post and receive.


More Parcel-type Items: These items will be too big to fit through a normal-sized letterbox, so it is possible that they might need to be collected from your Delivery Office, or for you to arrange redelivery. On average, you should be allocated to post one parcel-type item a month.


Parcel-posting Incentive: We have been listening to your feedback over the past 12 months, and we appreciate that posting parcels at Post Offices is more costly and time-consuming than posting letters in Postboxes. In recognition of this, in 2014 for every parcel that you send, we will send you a £2 Love2Shop voucher at the end of the month. (Please note that this only applies for items that are too big for a normal-sized letterbox, i.e. cube items/small boxes or bigger.)

Golden SMART: And, as an incentive to collect and open all your items, from February 2014, each week we will be randomly inserting a Golden SMART into one of the parcel-type items. If you are the lucky recipient of a Golden SMART, you will receive £100 Love2Shop vouchers.

This is all in addition to your regular incentives of daily prize draws, monthly stamps, and quarterly presentation stamps.

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