Royal mail tracked 48 issue!

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Posted 6th Sep 2022
Hi, I sent something on 2nd Sep with Royal Mail and I know there is a strike, but in the tracking it showing this message - “rejected from machine at outward mc” on 5th sep at 3 different times?

Is this to do with the strike or something else?Has anyone had this message also, and if I should be worried?

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    I'd ring them or go to your local post office and ask, on strike again Thursday Friday. If its rejected might be something to do with address being incorrect or a label issue, did it have a return address on it? (edited)
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    Yes it did
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    I have the same message on something I sold on eBay, tracking shows it was rejected by outbound MC on the 3rd September (3 times) hasn’t updated since
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    Yeah same here it only says it on the ebay tracking. On their (RM) actual website it just says we have we got it and it was collected as per request.
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    I had a tracked 24 sent on Friday to me, still hasn't arrived, stuck at a mail centre it says.If it doesn't come tomorrow & with the strikes I'll be lucky if I get it Saturday, what a terrible service for something that should take 24 hours!
    Completely different experience for me, I posted something on Saturday, 2nd class regular post, cheapest option they provide, they delivered it yesterday, absolutely excellent service, guess you're just unlucky
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    What was you sent if you don't mind me asking?
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    I did a return to amazon 10 days ago via RM print in store and it hasn't arrived yet either
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    Probably a spanner in the works from disgruntled, striking employee's.
    Maximum mayhem.
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    That's strikes for you, back logs.
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    Every parcel I have sent tracked 48 has been rejected at MC some three times. This all started on the 3rd September. Apart from one all have been delivered. I'm still waiting for one to move through the system since it was rejected on Monday. I've spoken to my local DO and was told it's common but wasn't sure what it meant as they are only a DO. I think it's to slow delivery down as too much backlog or a new software etc nothing to do with labels etc and really this should not show up on ebays tracking for both buyer and seller to see. If you track via their website or app it doesn't show.
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