Royal Mail workers to strike on 19 days over next two months , Will include busy periods including Black Friday

Posted 27th Sep 2022
Update 3
Next strike dates 23rd ("Network" staff) + Postal strikes on 24th and 25th November
Info below, - First Walkout Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October

The action will cover peak delivery periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as some of the run-up towards Christmas, and the Communication Workers Union said it will have a "dramatic impact".

The dates will be spread across October and November, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said, and they will be a mix of single days and rolling action across Royal Mail Group's network.

It means the walkouts will cover peak delivery periods like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as some of the run-up towards Christmas, and the CWU said it will have a "dramatic impact".

The CWU said the move follows a threat centred around the "outrageous" decision by Royal Mail Group's senior management to withdraw from major national agreements, push ahead with cuts to workers' terms and conditions and "completely sideline" the union.

CWU General Secretary Dave Ward said: "This is a significant announcement, but it is one which matches the level of anger our members feel at the way Royal Mail Group has treated them.

Dates announced

3, 9, 15, 24 November; 1 December

Processing, distribution, international, collections and admin workers go on strike.

Delivery staff are not yet involved on these days, so some people may still receive items.

4, 10, 16, 25 November; 2 December

These walkouts are currently set to only involve delivery workers, so collections from postboxes and Post Offices should take place.

2, 8, 14, 23, 30 November

"Network" staff walk out but delivery and collection staff should be working.

However, given the close proximity to the other strikes and a build-up of delayed mail, disruption is still very likely and people are advised to post items well in advance if possible.

"After industrial action takes place, we'll be increasing our network capacity and using additional resources to assist with getting services back to normal," says Royal Mail.

Community Updates
Update 2
New strike dates announced including 2nd, 3rd and 4th November.

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Update 1
First walkout - Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October (pre-arranged before this announcement
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    Next due action will take place on Friday 30th September and Saturday 1st October.

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    Good for them! Strike strike strike!
    Totally understandable
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    Hope the strikes are worth it in the end because it has caused me great deal of frustration. I switched over to dpd and not sure i will go back to royal mail.
    I mean, this is exactly the problem… it’s the company, not the workers that are the issue. I wonder what industry you’re in? People in this country need to stand up for themselves now more than ever. I support strike action. We should all be supportive. 
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    Dad works at Royal Mail 39 years he’s been there .I support the strike , he’s told me some big private equity investment group are trying to take it over and force the share price down to get a better deal. (edited)
    Did he tell you who it is? Or is it hear say?
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    Good for them, don't care.
  6. Avatar
    Can't wait. Be nice to have some days off in the busy periods!
    But then the days you work will be even more hectic to clear the backlog, right?
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    Wont affect me at all. Get about a dozen letters a year now, mostly bills / tax type letters. Practically no spam or leaflets coming through the letterbox these days, offers from companies etc. Everything is done online.

    Use couriers generally for parcels.
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    Solidarity with royal mail staff and all others who are striking. Workers, rise up. Enough is enough. 💪
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    Best of luck to them. They have my support.
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    It's not the 70s any more.... The mail have held their monopoly for far too long, they are over priced and over supported.
    Face the market like everyone else has to.
    Who has a monopoly? you can have parcels delivered by various couriers. Nobody wants to deliver letters or small packets, not enough profit in it when considering the overheads for staff. One company 'Whistl' tried delivering letters which was backed by Lloyds (government owned) but found it too costly, they now just take letters from major companies sort them in their machines and drop them off at Royal Mail's doorstep to deliver at a reduced cost, the regulator agreed to this to create competition?
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    Solidarity 💪
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    Strikes wont achieve anything other them losing wages. When the countries in trouble and at a low the unions/opposition always stir up discontent.
    A slowly dying company.Most things are done online nowadays.You would think they'd be doing better as they have a monopoly on delivering letters!
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    I do most things online quicker and more reliable.Does not bother me get little mail nowadays.
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    They must be hemoraging customers who will just change there printer stack to another companies.

    when big systems change they very much don't change back as it costs lot of time/money training staff to use x companies site/platform for shipping

    I for one myself avoid royal mail now, yodel seem to be getting competitive in the consumer world
    Yodel is the worst for disappearing items and items thrown over the fence for the dog to chew!! Followed by Evri (the new Hermes).

    DPD, UPS and Royal Mail are the best in my opinion. Items rarely get lost and they never leave items outside unless you have asked them too.
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    Don't get paid for striking, and they moaning about their pay! :/
    More about terms and conditions than pay
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    Go on, lads and lassies, you're worth more and so you should fight for it, I will be there in support of you every step of the way!
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    Will have to use evri
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    Better tell them Amazon's 2nd prime day dates in October
    I don't think the union's bothered about Amazon's prime day, they deliver next day delivery stuff themselves. This is except for the more difficult areas to deliver to or new estates that haven't been fully registered on google maps for over a year, in these instances they get Royal Mail to deliver the items.
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    It's 9 days over 9 weeks.. Not 19 days
    48315303-IPyLC.jpg (edited)
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    What's the matter?
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    Feel sorry for the guys tomorrow having to deliver 3 days of mail in 1 day ☹️
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    What does a postie get paid these days? I thought it was an okay job
    It's probably not about pay, but about terms and conditions.
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    Anyone else having massive problems paying for postage online for Royal Mail? I've been trying for ages to arrange a collection for tomorrow but at the final step after having paid, it says the payment could not be processed:

    I need to arrange some urgent collections for tomorrow and this is really annoying. I have other items already being collected tomorrow by Royal Mail which were meant to be collected last week but I had to shift those to Monday cause of these stupid strikes and now this. Have tried Paypal and also Credit Cards directly. Every time it shows they took the payment (payment is fully authorised and shows as pending for each time I tried with Paypal and my Credit Card company). Is this problem nationwide for everyone? (edited)
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