Royal Mail's Parcel Collect service using 'Bring My Label' option?

Posted 11th Oct 2022
Just a quick question, has anyone used this service?

I assume the label is self-adhesive and how large approximately is the label?
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    I've done this before. Just a tip, even though they are bringing the label still write the address in the item. I've had a few time where the postman didn't have the label with him and took the item back to the van or the depot to apply the label. It just gives peace of mind knowing your item won't be mixed up because it's blank.
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    they will find a way, to attach it for you, it’s self adhesive (edited)
  3. bozo007's avatar
    It is the standard size label you see in most parcels. If you are reusing a delivery box, carefully remove the old labels or mask them with something.
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    I use this service quite often but my postie never has the label with him, it's always back in the van. Never had a problem though, everything has always arrived safely. You get email confirmation that they have received/accepted it and tracking updates too.
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    Bring your postman too the way they keep going on strike lol!
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    I had my postie just bring an A4 and use sellotape to stick the "label" down. After that I just don't bother using the "bring my label option".
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    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
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    Always write the address if your sending more than one as unfortunately us Postman aren't psychic and won't know which sticker goes on what parcel. Its about the size as a normal sticker from a clothing brand. Around 10cm long, 6cm wide.
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    Use this service daily and no complaints. But as other said: I also write the address on each parcel to avoid wrong label going on the wrong parcel.
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    Despite me writing the addresses on a small parcel and a standard envelope, the postman has mislabeled mine back at his van. What a mess to try and sort out now!
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