Royal Mail...Wots to discuss then?

A 6.9 payrise (5.4% now and 1.5% from April 2008), a lump sum payment of £175.00, discussions to end the final salary pension scheme (presumably for new employess, something virtually all businessess have now introduced!!), agreement to trial flexible working patterns locally. So, whys it taking the CWU so long to recommend this offer to their members? Seems like a no-brainer, and Royal Mail have caved in AGAIN on all fronts. I certainly won't have any sympathy whatsoever if the members turn this offer down. Luckily, my postman is always very reliable. Pity some others are just bone idle lazy & useless. Perhaps Royal Mail should introduce performance pay to weed out the undeserving?


Throughout the strikes i always recieved my post which was good.

Royal Mail, i'm surprised the Queen is happy to still happy to have her family asociated with this shambles of a "service"
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