Royal Mail...Wots to discuss then? PART 2

...Come to think of it, why are postal workers in Liverpool, and some other areas of the country still on strike? They say they are waiting for details of the offer to be announced before they decide to return to work. The details are all over the newspapers and BBC news website for gawds sake. Maybe they can't read? That would explain why so much post gets misdelivered.


Cos they're lazy *******s

We are unfortunate I guess.

The problem is, there could be bills in the post which have to be paid by a certain date, and we wont know about it. Who will end up being charged? us!


three threads started by you on the postal strikes, could you not have tagged on to any of the others :?

Please stop making new threads about the postal strike. It's getting old, and there's other threads on the matter.

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