Royal Rumble 2011 - SPOILERS

Found 31st Jan 2011
Predictions?? who do you thinks gonna win?

john morrison i think will be in with a shout
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I also heard booker T and Kevin Nash to enter
What time is that on?? Might have a look for a stream, avnt seen any wrestling for years.
Jim Duggan to win*
Gonna look fora stream now. If anyone gets in before me please post.

*This may or not be true, gonna go for Cena to win
Awesome thanks Danger God
christian ftw
I would love it for Christian to win and to start of a feud with Edge.
Any but Cena, I will go for CM Punk!
Edge just beat Ziggler to retain his title!
Glad Edge won, wonder what match is on next.
Miz to win this one
isnt triple h in the rumble??if so i reckon he will win
lol michael cole
yay miz retains the title
what kind of a threesome move was that lol
those twins are so hot
My pick for CM Punk to win looks bleak
After him coming out first!
this is ***** stupid
I'm enjoying it up to now. Regal & Bryan Danielson in there together
morrison was just awesome lol
that was good, not touching the floor, then jumping back lol
lol yh that was awesome. wander when HHH will appear
yeah, i wanna see some big names, I don't recognise most of these new wrestlers.
just not right imitating a legend
Chavo's 3 amigo's was a awesome touch. This Royal Rumble has got off to a great start

My pick for CM Punk to win looks bleakAfter him coming out first!

Hes spent most of the match on the canvas
A big name will come next to fight The Nexus!
Trips or Booker

A big name will come next to fight The Nexus!

something big has to happen, otherwise cm punk is gonna walk it
kane or someone soon
y dont they bloody wait outside n build up in numbers
This is a awesome rumble
Hope it's not Triple H, my dream would be for The Ultimate Warrior to run down and eliminate all of Nexus!
Maybe Sting, isn't he out of Contract with TNA?
i want big show
wahoooo khali is bak
Khali has to be the Worst superstar ever, how they put the title on him I will never know!
Booker T!
omg booker t
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