royal wedding bank holiday......?

    is this going to be an offical bank holiday every year.......? really hope so be nice to have an extra holiday day .........maybe more royals should get married ,,,,more bank holidays given then,,,,we sholuld be so lucky


    Whatever happened to East 17

    I'm pretty sure it's only this year.

    aunty jane

    Whatever happened to East 17

    I think one of them developed a social phobia and started a property business the rest got coked up, drank too many tequilas and got involved with some high maintenance women that more or less skinted them......well almost.

    Extra bnk hol next year for the Queen's jubilee, making 4th and 5th June bank hols. Now just need coronation the year after to see us through 2013 as well


    I suppose we'll get another when in a few years when she has an 'accident'.


    Have you saw the new T Mobile video for the royal wedding.........have a … Have you saw the new T Mobile video for the royal wedding.........have a look here, its just brilliant!

    That's awesome Bossy hadnt seen that ! Thanks for making my evening lol.

    Only this year - what is more, it is not even an "official" BH. In other words your employer is under no obligation to pay you for it (depending on how your contract is written) ;-)
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