royalties gold rbs!

Found 21st Feb 2009
hi does any1 else have the rbs royalties gold account £12.99 a month but you get travel ins for the family, boiler and heating cover, and mobile phone and simcard ins and other benefits cheers
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I hear they give you a free dictionary upon signing up also!!!:)
the porter;4447984

what i have done? :?

Edited your OP for starters, lol!!! :-D
I have this through RBS
yes, i have.:whistling:
oh what else do you get for this £12-99
Something they try and talk me into almost everytime i go into the bank! Can anyone tell me what the boiler cover is like? I'm currently paying around £18 a month with British Gas homecare, and dont get me wrong its a bit pricey but my boiler is over 10 years old and i've had to phone em out loads, in the long run, its saved me a fortune.

Who do RBS put you onto and how quick are they coming out?
does anyone have the password to log onto the royalties website
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