Found 25th Jul 2010
this is just a moan woke up this morning tried to open the french doors nothing, internal locks knackered something dropped down, so i thought im insured £500 emergency cover, checked documents covered external doors locks beltin, rang them up im sorry it doesnt cover this wtf!! only if its a security risk so i says yes it is its now open but locks bust, he says all they will do is come and shut the door, so another policy neither use nor ornament.

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I think it's good to name and shame rubbish insurance companies.

I take it that rbs is Royal Bank of Scotland?


insurance in general is BS

My daughter had a similar problem with Barclays recently.

Anything expensive and the insurance companies are very good at dodging responsibility.

Not much we can do except share the info and give them the bad publicity that they deserve!

Did you tell the insurance company at the time of taking out the policy that the French doors were installed?

Also, you say that RBS stated that the french doors were excluded. did they mention what clause, term or condition that excluded them from the policy cover?
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it is still an insurance policy even though many people dont perceive it as one. If nothing in the policy document excludes these locks and you deem the locks to be a security risk then you can challenge RBS through their complaints procedure.

As to speak to someone from their Customer Relations team and request written confirmation that you are making a complaint and the reasons why. Drop in the words TCF at this point if they dont provide you with the specific details as to why they arent remedying the situation and dont let them fob you off. Also tell them what remedy you are looking for in order to provide a satisfactory outcome and be clear about it.

State to them that unless you get a satisfactory outcome then you wish for them to issue you with a Final Response letter and that you wish to refer the matter to the FSA for them to investigate as RBS are not mentioning specifically the T&C in the policy document that excludes these damaged locks.

hopefully common sense will prevail. RBS are just legal thiefs when it comes to squirming out of their insurance policy responsibilities. Good luck.

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should have done the repair yourself - about £10 for the lock and 2 minutes work

still, I understand the principle of your point:D
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