Rpoints 'Cashback Kings'..went bust..Got an email from the appointed liquider asking for lots of info. Anyone else get this too?

Found 26th Jan 2011


In Compulsory Liquidation

The above named company has been placed into Compulsory Liquidation and Richard Frank Simms of this firm was appointed Liquidator on 2 December 2010.

According to papers recieved from the Official Reciever you are listed as being a creditor in these proceedings. A general meeting of creditors pursuant to Rule 4.54 of the Insolvency Rules 1986 shall be convened for 28 Feburary 2011. It would be appreciated if you could access fasimms.com using the following log in details and password in order to obtain the relevant correspondence and copy documentation:

Username: -
Password: -

As there are a number of creditors in this matter, all creditors are currently being contacted by e-mail.

Should you require a paper copy of the relevant correspondence and copy documentation please do not hesitate to contact this office.

C. Bevan
F A Simms & Partners Limited
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Blimmin gits.. (rpoints lot) took my £144 in the Cashback Kings account. I must've been the only one who didn't know what was going on with their financial situationoO
I gave up on Rpoints and CBK years ago.

Rpoints had a decent forum with lots of knowledgeable members, but their cashback amounts couldn't compete with Quidco.
i got the same letter they owe me £1.74 that i forgot all about,i wont hold my breath !

i got the same letter they owe me £1.74 that i forgot all about,i wont … i got the same letter they owe me £1.74 that i forgot all about,i wont hold my breath !

i think i'll send the completed form back to em, worth a punt. i had so much in there... wonder if i get any back..:(

anyone else get this, what will you do- ignore or complete and eturn form?
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mine is such a small amount i wont bother,i hope you get yours though as it's an amount worth claiming ! good luck, you never know if all the people who are owed small amounts dont claim,there may be enough for you.
I didn't realise they had gone bust. Did you ever get your money back? I signed up years ago but never used them.
FA Simms sent me a claim form which I returned.. clawed back about £30 ... was cut up about it at first but have gotten over it since...just about. £30 was better than nothing(!)
no point crying over spilt milk ey
I'm glad to hear you got some of your money back. I too would have been upset if I had lost that much money. It's a reminder to me not to let a lot of money accumulate in these cashback schemes before I collect it.
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