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My mates Xbox has got RROD. How does he go about getting it sorted. i hear that microsoft arrange a courier to pick it up. is this true? whats the number to ring

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to do it by internet



Assistance by phone:
0800 587 1102

or +44 20 7365 9792 from a mobile phone

Hearing Impaired (TTY device):
0800 587 1103

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday: 09:00-22:00
Saturday: 09:00-20:00
Sunday: 09:00-17:00

Send off for your coffin.

you don't get a box anymore.

They'll email out the labels, then you have to sort the box + phone up ups yourself

Ring Microsoft and have them EMAIL (post takes ages) you a UPS label.

Take off all cables, HDD, ect and stick it in an old box (not the original box). Leave nothing but the original faceplate (leave anything like controllers and you won't get it back). Tape it all up.

Print off the label and stick it on as instructed (or in my case in a clear doc sleeve taped securely).

Ring UPS as instructed to get it picked up, then you should expect it back within a week or so.

Yeah dont give them anything other than just the xbox..sometimes you dont even get your own one back..could just be another re furbished one..could be a newer model. I have heard of people sending off an Elite and getting a white one back lol..Sadly havnt heard of them swapping a white one for an elite

if ya wanna play it for a lil bit then wrap it up in a big thick towel and turn it on for half hour. will heat the console up to fry an egg on. turn it off, take towel off. after about 20 mins turn back on and you'll be able to play it for a lil while. great for just a quick patch whilst your waiting for courier etc.

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thanks everybody, suppose this information will be useful once the inevitable happens and mine breaks

Best to just contact them and get it lifted. If you wrap it up and its under warranty and you end up with scorch marks where there shouldnt be any they wont fix it.

If you had an intercooler on it and its left any marks they wont fix it either. Those additional coolers invalidate your warranty as well.

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it isnt mine (mine is still working finger crossed touch wood etc etc.) but i cant see the point in anybody wrapping it up in a towel just to get 30mins more game play rather than have it fixed for free.

thanks for the info everyone ill pass this info on

no it lasts alot longer then 30mins, lasted near a month as a temp patch for me
helped me as i had to wait over a week for collection.

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my mate phoned microsoft only to find out that his console is apparantly registered to someone else, this was a suprise to him as he bought it new from asda, this was a few years ago now so he cant find the receipt is there anything he can do???

try to explain that to them?
or buy a receipt off sum1 on here?
or trade it in against another console?
or sell it?
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