rrod xbox 360

    Has anyone fixed there red ringed xbox 360

    I have orderd a thermopaste pack with bolts and stuff from ebay and im hoping to fix my old xbox 360 i am hoping it will be fixed i am need of information what to do and advice

    any information would be apriciated thank you


    have u opned the box?

    Is your xbox covered by the 3 year rrod warranty? If not, ie its too old or you have opened it, follow instructions in link below to perform xclamp removal…htm

    Yeah, if you are out of warranty do it.
    I have done the xclamp fix, twice now, first time it lasted 11 months, just on my second fix now. I would recommend doing the thing where you read the error code off the xbox.

    Switch on and wait until 3 RROD
    Hold down the sync button and press the DVD eject
    The lights will display the first number of the code (4 lights = 0, 1 =1, 2 = 2, 3 = 3)
    do this 3 times so you have a 4 digit number.
    e.g. 0102
    Google 'rrod error codes' or something to get the explanation of the various errors.

    I tried the X clamp fix on my 20GB 360 about a year ago, and it lasted less than a day. Sold it as faulty in the end.

    Mine's been going about 6 months with this ebay kit - 330406624224


    I did about 10 when the xclamp fix first came out. Had varying degrees of success, some still going to this day, others lasted between 6 months to a year.

    If your box is out of warranty then for the price of a few bolts and washers it is worth a try, very easy to do.
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