RS MMC Dual Voltage Memory Card - either 512mb or 1gb

Found 25th Apr 2006
Does anyone know where the cheapest place is to get either a 512mb or a 1gb memory card. It needs to be a reduced sized mmc card which will work in my Nokia 6630. I have recently got tomtom Mobile but, need atleast a 128mb memory free. I may even consider buying a 256mb card if there is an exceptional deal on it. So, as you can see, I'm offer to a wide variety of suggestions! ... Any help would be most appreciated.
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Try [url]www.w2w.com[/url]. They're doing the Kingston 512Mb for £11.99 inc free delivery!
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I can't see it on their site. I think you may have been referring to the SD card possibly?
McSteve beat me to it I know the card because I have a Nokia 6680 running Tom Tom Mobile with a bluetooth receiver. Brilliant it is (and cheap)
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Thanks for that to both of you. Karma added! ... Just ordered a card and will see how it goes!
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