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Found 17th Dec 2007
I'm not sure if I'm doing this wrong or if the full facility is not up and running yet but if I go to my bookmarked page I'm seeing a good many offers:…rue

However the deals coming thru on the RSS feed don't include many of these of these.

Is there a RSS feed for this page as I can only find one that points to the 'hot' page?
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Just to add the RSS seems to be a bit broken anyway. Example.

Old style :

LG 22 LS4R £240 Inc Delivery HD READY - £239.99Great TV, Had mine d … LG 22 LS4R £240 Inc Delivery HD READY - £239.99Great TV, Had mine delivered on Thursday stunning image quality considering the price. Also tried it on the Xbox 360 images are crisp and very clear on 1080i and 720p. Good all round TV, I paid £229.99 Although it appears its gone up by £10 god knows why?...Found by leeparker, Co-op Electrical Shop Deals, Comments

New style :

RSS FeedFound by ,

But no doubt this has already been mentioned, i'll read the Bugs thread at some point:whistling:

(Oh and the smileys getting thier own line is WELL irritating) :lol:
Hi daveoc, the default RSS just shows the deals over the hot threshold. To customise your RSS feed you can go to Customise and then change it to be exactly how you want it to be and it will give you a custom RSS link to use.
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