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Found 16th Dec 2007
Can you tell me if they are setup?

I would like a feed that works with this page:…sed

No matter what one I seem to choose from a page they all end up the same.

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Hi BritBrat, you can make the RSS any type you want even controlling down to merchant or tag level. If you go to Customise you can make all these settings and it will give you your unique RSS feed link.
OK thanks, I will let you know how I get on.
Yes please do - appreciate any feedback
Any recommendations for a news feed reader ?
Sort of working but not really what I wanted, I wanted a feed to the discussion thread/sort but it does not seem to have that option.
I'd like to suscribe to an itunes tag RSS feed, but when I try to create a custom feed, there are too many tags that contain the word itunes, so I'm unable to select it. Any alternative?
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