rude racehorse names

Found 28th Nov 2009
Hi, can anyone help. We were discussing this earlier when rude gamertags were the topic., There was a horse a few seasons ago that slipped through the vetting net when racehorses are named, it had a rude name can anyone recall please?
Any rude gamertags are also welcome.
Thanks in advance.
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Far Kinnel
noble locks
was it "£$%***%%:thumbsup:
isaac hunt
Hoof Artid
Big T*ts was a real named racehorse
Err, Hoof hearted is one, Ice melted, and there was a lady trainer some time back who had, amongst others Mary Hinge.
Forgot, Joe Blob too
I heard Randy Bishop earlier, lol.

noble locks

thanks, that was the one!:thumbsup:

Far Kinnel

You're joking surely?

noble locks


thanks, that was the one!:thumbsup:

Someone's gonna need to explain why this is rude :oops:
say it out loud slowly lol
and think of a gelding
Mike Hunt?
There was a horse a few years ago called Spunky - a source of great amusement in bookies up and down the country !

I've got an Irish pal that owns racehorses, he wants to call his next one To fork.
Imagine saying "come on to fork !" In a thick Irish accent !
Norfolk ' n' chance
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