Rugby Injury - Broken finger

    It's swollen just above the joint on my right 4th digit (not index) it hurt like hell but suspect I've done it before. It bends in a bit against the middle finger. I've just had it strapped against the middle finger. Met a cavity wall guy yesterday who played rugby and said he wished he had got his straightened as he can't move it now. What do you lot think?



    If you go to A+E they will only strap it against the next finger. If it is severely broken then they may wire it under surgery. I broke my little finger in a motorcycle crash, they wired it up but it is still bent and the joints are seized so it wont bend properly.
    Put a on brave face and tell tall tales about how it broke!

    i broke my fnger got it pinned in 2 different places over 5 years ago it was done and finger is still much bigger than the others sounds like physio is in order as if you dont move it it will just cease need to keep bending it as much as possible

    my ex broke his playing football years ago...didnt get anything done with it looks bent and although he can move it normal...he can move it in a 'different' way and it makes a disguisting 'crack' sound :?

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    yeah its not broke enough for wiring at A&E, besides I was only there couple of weeks ago with my split open eye for 4hrs :cry:
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