Rugby. League or Union?

    Just watched England get whooped by the Auzzies. Enjoyed the game and am quite liking the format of rugby League. Coming from Gloucester, I think I should favour Union.


    Union - no contest imo


    Nah - League all the way!

    rugby union defo! less machoism, more teamwork, and better sportsmanship.

    rugby league is for northern big blouse wearing softies, union proper mans game. cmon GLAAAAWSTER.:thumbsup:

    Union by a country mile. League is soo boring.

    Come on you Bath!!

    I prefer my balls round


    Union - 1000%.

    Rugby Union for me too. I watch league once in a while, but I find it a bit boring.

    comparing the prize:

    Rugby Union cup

    Rugby League cup

    Union all the way for me, up the London Irish, and Bath as my second team (for the OH's benefit!).

    Union. Don't like League.

    LEAGUE :thumbsup:


    Union as i used to play ( i was a hooker :thumbsup:)
    Stopped playing when i was 17


    Union, it has Johnny Wilkinson (when not injured)simply the best and the … Union, it has Johnny Wilkinson (when not injured)simply the best and the tackles are far more exiting, as is the scrums etc League is to similar to girlie football for my liking..

    League they just kick it all the time

    League all the way... Can't stand that kick and clap nonsense!

    Come on the Wire!
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