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Found 13th Oct 2017
Just need some advice and ideas about living room rug placement and positing. I have an open plan ground floor... living room as drawings below (excuse the badly drawn plans , did them on my phone ). To the left of the image is the dining area and then walk through to kitchen. All open plan.

What shape and size of rug would suit best for my sofa area? The 3 seater is mainly used as it faces fire and tv which is top right area. 2 seater is sometimes used for guest or extra seating and also tv. I like the idea of a big rug covering whole area as in picture 1 but is this deemed a design no-no? Works well for both sofas and also enables whole floor area to be used for sitting, kids playing etc.

Other options are pics 2&3 which is smaller rugs but they don't serve both sofa areas or chill floor areas, but give space to walk through to get to dining area (to the left)

Opinions welcomed. I've googled rug plan ideas but there's so much info about right and wrong it's confusing.
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I would go option 2 as you want to see some floor space. Rectangular shape rug.
I would go for option 1, it gives far more flexibility for use and as it's bigger and heavier it shouldn't move when walked across. If you're worried about wear on one side (direct access to dining area) just turn it round each month or buy one with a pattern.
Also option 2 - gives you some balance to the room.
I have a similar layout except it's a large L shaped couch and I went for option 1. I think it looks nice that way plus it's easier to vacuum because the weight of the sofa keeps it in place.
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