Rule regarding Parking in front of a driveway if no dipped kerb

Posted 16th Mar 2015
My friend had his car towed away by council in London after he parked in front of a driveway. There were no parking restrictions on the road or a dipped kerb in front of the house. I don't have any photographic evidence with me but just curious on what the rules are regarding parking in front of someone's driveway? yes, there was a car parked but apparently there was space to drive down ( "partially blocking access " was the council's reason I think or something on those lines) . If someone needs to use driveway for parking then should they not have to pay the council to dip Kerb/ paint yellow line ? Apparently he thinks the decision cannot be appealed once you pay the towing fees .

Sorry if I have been a bit ambiguous on the details - but this kind of info is going to come in handy for myself in future so just thought I'd post it before the hukd experts thanks!
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