Rules on Shift Changes (Notice Period)

    Are there rules on how much notice you need to give/be given to change someones shift start/finish time?



    Guess it will depend on whats in your contract - but my OH's place have to give 24 hours

    Contract dependant - plus whether or not the change over period breaches the Working Time Directive - IIRC there must be an 11 hour rest period.

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    Just checked it and it says reasonable notice, so nothing set in stone...we've generally gone on a 5 working days understanding, but now its been tested today I wanted to check.

    Cheers anyhoo

    When I worked shift it was 'supposed' to be a months notice unless on relief week then it could almost be 24 hours depending on whether you were able to do it. 6 months notice for a complete shift change with agreement through the proper channels ie union etc and fully complient with working time regs. However - in practice - we were all pretty flexible and helped each other out which management ok'd so that no-one went sick just cos they couldnt get the day off (or whatever) and we ended up running short on the shift

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    Yea its been pretty flexible up until today when its been rammed down our throats

    We @ the BT group get a 13 week notice

    are you in a union? they'll be able to tell you

    my oh's place ring an hour before some times

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    Well in the end I didnt do the proposed shift change...I had a catch-up meeting (one-to-one) with the boss today about it though lol ...had all the pyramid hands and team player in this financial climate ****
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