Posted 8 June 2023

Biscoff McFlurry and Chocolate Pie coming to McDonald's UK 21st June

Update 1
12/06 - Biscoff McFlurry date confirmed as 21st June
There is a strong rumour edit (now confirmed) in various news outlets that McDonald's UK will shortly be launching a Biscoff McFlurry on the 21st June with new menu items. Whilst it has not been officially confirmed from McDonald's , I have it confirmed from a McDonald's insider that they will be launching a Biscoff McFlurry and Chocolate Pie soon in the UK.

Thomas O’Neill, head of marketing, food and beverages at McDonald's, said: "We’re so pleased to be launching the Lotus Biscoff McFlurry in the UK and Ireland. Pricing will be £1.99 for regular and £1.49 for mini. There will be a buy one get one free on the MyMcDonalds Rewards app from 4pm-5pm every Wednesday until July 5. The offer is only open to existing MyMcDonalds Rewards users who have already ordered over three McFlurry in the past.

Image credit Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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  1. jon81uk's avatar
    They aren't proper McFlurry anymore as they don't mix them. Now you end up with all the sauce first and plain ice cream at the end.
    Deal4you91's avatar
    You mean the machine actually works at your local?
  2. Phr33ky's avatar
    Had the chocolate pie yesterday and it was rank. Tasted as if I was eating crunchy cardboard.
    AJtheCabbage's avatar
    Pretty much describes most things in McDonalds to be fair
  3. Biddy2's avatar
  4. jinkssick's avatar
    Bring back the 2x apple pies with ice cream in middle. Wow that was brill.
  5. miikeyblue's avatar
  6. jamie15's avatar
    Those biscoff pieces look depressingly small and squashed, the colour is odd. A chocolate pie with chocolate filling sounds intriguing if actually filled well enough (edited)
  7. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I've been crumbling Biscoff biscuits onto ice cream (then grating milk chocolate over it) for years!
    Doubt this will be as nice, but I'll still give it a go if my local MaccyD's are doing them.
  8. JZY's avatar
    Take my money! 💰
  9. chessecake's avatar
    Double big Mac and mozzarella bites as well
  10. crumpetman's avatar
    Had both today, they are ok but not worth the extra cost over the regular mcflurry or apple pie.

    £1.99 each is too much. While I am ranting, why are mini mcflurry's not half the price of regular mcflurry's? McDonald's introduced the mini range supposedly to be more health conscious and so children can have a smaller ice cream. But it's half the size and three quarters the price!
    MrAkagi's avatar
    That's usually how it goes with smaller products. Buying a bigger version is more effective as they save more money and space on cups, spoons etc, plus they can market the bigger version as a better deal, which makes a lot of people upgrade even if they wouldn't otherwise.
  11. Gort1951's avatar
    McFlury Ice Cream Recipe
    Double Cream (400ML) and Condensed Milk (400ML). Whisk together then freeze.
    ChildofChaos's avatar
    Normal ice cream, a little bit of thick cream put in a blender with your toppings works really well too.
  12. Gort1951's avatar
    Farley's Rusk McFlurry.
    RedNWhite's avatar
    I’d try that!
  13. ufop's avatar
    Bring back the cherry pie! McDonalds in other countries still have it
  14. Chanchi32's avatar
    There will be a targeted promo next week

    Joey.Bloggsy's avatar
    No promo needed ta. 
  15. liamo's avatar
    My daughter had this biscoff McFlurry yesterday, and have to say it was terrible, just a bit of crumbled biscuit, no sauce on it.
    wouldn't get again, especially at the extra price
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    I haven't had the chance yet.
    Guess I'll stick to making my own, cheaper and nicer by the sound of it. (edited)
  16. gabesdad's avatar
    Sure I read somewhere that they've not even used Biscoff for the sauce, just a generic caramel. Bit of a con if that's actually true.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Forget the McFlurry, just buy this and squirt it straight into your gob, lol -…M6M
  17. CKLP's avatar
    McFlurry's in this country are awful, mainly because you get ripped off with the toppings, they could be good but the staff barely add anything in rip-off Britain. McFlurry's in Spain are much better.
    MLAM's avatar
    I think McDonald's in any country is better than here.
  18. Haggle's avatar
    I'm getting great ideas and inspiration from all the DIY dessert suggestions in this thread, thanks all. One of my favourites is, thick Greek yogurt or ice cream, with Amarena sour cherries, topped with grated dark chocolate. Very easy to prepare and really delicious. It's great value too, I buy a jar of these sour cherries in Lidl for a few pounds. I use a tablespoon of cherries (about 6) per serving, so I get about 6 portions per jar.
  19. HappyShopper's avatar
    Decided to try both of these yesterday.

    Haven't had a pie from McD's in well over a decade and couldn't believe how small it now is - not overly impressed with this one - the chocolate filling lacked any real taste.

    The Biscoff McFlurry wasn't bad - plenty of Biscoff topping and, bearing in mind the times we now live in, a decent size portion for the money.

    BTW, just a general comment regarding Biscoff, what's all the hype about regarding it - why is it so popular - I don't get it - what am I missing?
    Haggle's avatar
    It's that Biscoff has an irresistible combination of crunchy biscuit, toffee and caramel, with a hint of cinnamon. It makes it unique.
  20. KeyboardKitten's avatar
    Just had the Biscoff McFlurry, very little Biscoff in it, get more out of the Oreo McFlurry ngl
  21. Husla's avatar
    Its pretty much caramel mcflurry with hint of biscoff. the chocolate pie is alright tho
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