Run Apple Mac leopard from your PC with a usb dongle

Just reading this:…mac

Basically a dongle you can use to then trick a retail version of leopard to install run on your pc without software hacks.

Seems like a nice bit of kit and i imagine a whole bunch of clones will be on the market soon...


It doesn't really seem worth it with the limited hardware choice, uncertain lifespan, questionable legality and high price.

Problem is, you buy this it works... Apple gets wind.. doesn't like update your dongle becomes as useful as a paperweight.

Not to mention the plethora of kernel panics you receive when OSX finds a piece of hardware it doesn't like.

Nice idea, think I will stick with me Mac and dual boot between Windoze and OSX

Original Poster

Yeah some good points, but it may be something to consider in the future if they makea guarentee or something about its use/ patchable dongle
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