Running 4K @ 60HZ over 10metres HDMI

Found 20th Dec 2017
Does anyone have any experience, or managed to run 4K @ 60HZ over 10metres up to 15metres.?

What leads were used, or do I need to use two leads and a HDMI repeater.?

Any help or advice is appreciated
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A bit of info , longer the cable means picture noise will increase
HDMI cables are certified for bandwidth. So to make a short cable which is compliant with whatever the 4K 60Hz bandwidth requirement happens to be is much easier than making a (relatively) longer cable due to added capacitance, inductance and crosstalk.…htm
I think you will struggle
Will depends on signal strength of HDMI signal. Should work though without a repeater. I would chance it and buy a cable off amazon for £12 and return it for free if it doesn't work. Do you have a lot of EMI and RFI issues in your home ?
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Funnily enough, I was recently asking myself similar questions. I ended up going for one of these (best price I could find), but it's not rated for much over 9m:…a=1

Not sure how good the cheaper boosters are, but this one seems to be good, and I didn't want to skimp too much. I'm no expert, but I don't think you'll be able to do 4k 60Hz over cable alone. You'd have a better chance with a booster like the one I got I expect, but to be sure you'd probably want to spend a bit more.

Alternatively, depending on your budget/requirements, there are more options here:…MI/

Keep in mind that you might need to power your booster too.

Also, when buying cables, as nomisco suggested, you want HDMI 2.0 certified cables. Lot's to choose from on Amazon!

Hope that helps.

Edit to add: I haven't even tried it yet as I'm still to get my 4K output device, but I checked the specs for my booster again and it claims it can handle 4k 60Hz over a total of 10m.
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This is the only 15m cable I've seen that can do it at 15m…c=1
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