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Found 5th Jan 2008

As per a few of my Xbox 360 posts, I'm thinking about moving my PC from below my desk running upwards to on the desk running sideways.

I have lots of addons for the computer including external harddrives and DVD Burners and feel it would be much easier for me if it was all on the desk.

Just wondered if there was any advantage/disadvantage to this - I heard the computer does run cooler sideways?
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you will have problems running a standard tower sideways.

Some which are designed tobe used sideways, have adjustable mounting brakets so you can turn your HDD & optical drives the correct "horizontal" way round.

Optical drives im sure wont work to well sideways, I think they rely on gravity for the disc to load properly - youll probably get soem jams.

Im not sure about HDD, they do have writing heads which might be affected by being turned.

If you are condident that everythings going to cope with being sideways (i think not)

Make sure none of the ventilation is blocked by laying it on its side.
Yeah. When i'm burning a disc on my laptop if i move my laptop sideways it sounds like its grinding. Buy a new case [sideways] cases dont cost much nowadays.
I should of explained better really. It's not a "normal" computer...

Its a Dell Dimension C521, so it's a small one. Also, the CD Drive if put on it's side would load "correctly" like a normal CD player.

Personally, I think it COULD run either way. Maybe, I'm running it wrong right now and it should be on it's side?
A Dell Dimension C521 is perfectly set up to run either way.
By running it as a tower is how it was built for. But I can't see any reason to why you won't be able to run it on it's side. I think it might even be better to run it on it's side, with the cd tray loading 'normally'.
Don't worry about the HDD, as long as you're not moving the PC while it's on then there is no problem there. If you buy an external HDD nowadays, they often come with a stand to hold it upright if you wish to have it like that. And all they are are just normal hard drives in fancy boxes!
You could have it upside down if you wanted, it really doesnt matter. Just makesure that the ventilation is still ok. The only problem I can see is that if your disc drives dont have hooks on them to hold the discs in place then you might have trouble getting them in.
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