Running shoes

    Anyone recommend any running shoes? I mean not for Casual but running?
    nothing too steep! just right for the job?


    Asics are pretty good, im going to play football now, my brother has got some good ones which are good for his feet.

    ill try and link them later if I can.

    i spent 17 years in the army and swear by new balance. asics and saucony are good too. you need to try them and find a set you like, comfy etc. they are all designed for different feet too so you ll need to check if your a neutral runner, over/under pronater etc.


    New Balance?

    yes i would reccomend a pair of new balance.. they start from £30 at jjb, theyre also made in the UK

    if possible go to a specialist running shop for a proper fitting and examination of your stride / strike pattern. ultimately it is both a subjective thing and a matter of what brand are suited to your foot shape, for e..g i have very narrow feet so find adidas ideal...once you find a good brand you can then just shop online for the cheapest deal. hth

    dan ;-)

    Can anyone recommend Adidas Climacool or Nikes "Dri-Fit"? I suffer from veerrrryyy hot feet. (i dont think they are suitable for wet whether, but thats ok)

    The only places I can find these trainers are ebay :roll:

    I have nike pegasus, fantastic shoes but the best to get are asics or sauconey! IF you are serious about running then go to a specialist shop and get them fitted because there are different shoes for different feet!

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    thanks for all the replies! i just need the standard ones, budget would be upto £30! the shoes i run with give me cramp!

    Go to your nearest Sports World. My closest one has hundreds of running shoes, so i am sure most do. Go into the shop and try as many as you want on. I bought some cheap Adidas ones for £28 which felt alot more comfortable to me than the more expensive Asics ones. Its really all about personal preference.

    check this out, you need to find out what type of foot you have!…ype
    then got to [url][/url] who have cheap shoes, try asics or sauconey and get the shoe type you need!!

    I'll go with new balance too. Staple shoe of the marathon runner.

    I have just completed the short run on WII fit and would only ever use elly kelly's the ones with lights on the side are best.

    new balance are great for running shoes, its worth contacting the shop at shap, they often have some great deals.
    i buy both fell running and road running shoes for my family from them.…htm

    Just a thought but if you decide to try cross country or fell running you can't beat Walshes.

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    bought NB! thanks people!
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