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Found 23rd Apr 2007
looking to get fit in the summer, anyone know of any great deals on running shoes or can reccommend any particular type of shoe?

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Asics are good. If possible see a specialist retailer as they will be able to advise on your foot type and running style. The most expensive isn't always the best.
yeah, I was looking at asics kayano...I did a profile thing on a running website and it said those were the best type for me
I have a pair of Asics Kayano, have run over 400 miles in them with no problems. Bought them on Ebay for about £90.
cool, might try out some of those then

are they comfortable?
saw this article via google focusmag.co.uk/the…368

I would like to get the best long distance trainers too, if anyone can recommend some
Its quite subjective. I'm happy with my Kayanos but you may be able to find something as good for less money. Look at the runnersworld website for more advice. Don't expect to go into a JJB sports and expect to get any good advice on running shoes though!
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