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Found 13th Aug 2009
Im thinking about starting up Jogging and was wondering if anyone has any decent pairs of running shoes that they wanna sell for cheap as possible? Asics,New balance,Adidas,Nike are the sort im after,got to be as light as possible and in good condition, i would also like to see a picture of them,im a size 9 Mens trainer.im really not too serious about Jogging every day so not willing to pay silly money,maybe £16 tops including delivery???


I would not go second hand on this as your feet mould to the shoe after use and if you use pre-owened shoes you risk injury. Try these at a reasonable price of £29.99.

If you're thinking of running seriously, go to a specialist and find out what kind of shoes you need - they can put you on a treadmill and assess your running style. You don't have to buy in the end from them, but at least, give yourself a chance to get the right shoes, rather than do yourself some damage

It isn't worth buying these secondhand, as the previous poster says, shoes mould to your feet. So be kind to your feet and buy them some good trainers.

Happy running!

If you go for new ones you should look at MandM direct they usually have good running shoes at pretty cheap prices like saucony and asics.

I bought some New Balance from TK Max - ideal for running and paid £30 they also have saucany (dont think Ive spelt that coorect!!!) as well for £40

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Ok thanks for the info guys,i never realised you could get them so cheap brand new,i will pop down the highstreet later and check a few of the cheap sports shops and tk maxx out,thanks again!!

Hi kevo check here out too ]http//ww…spx :thumbsup:

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Hi kevo check here out too … Hi kevo check here out too ]http://www.sportsdirect.com/Products/SD/PID-Fila+Pro+Runner-128001.aspx :thumbsup:

Hi Rossico thanks for this deal,are these any good for running in? look ok to me but any reviews or anything on them? cheers

If you are doing it more than once a week i would get something better value i recommend something similar like this


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Thanks for all the help guys,just bought a decent pair of Asics for £30 from sports direct outlet,thanks again!!
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