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    I have loads of trainers - just none suitable for sporting activities.

    I am after some decent ones as I'd rather not ruin my feet! Suggestions for a good all round pair that aren't hefty on the wallet would be appreciated!



    I don't know what size you are,but these would do -…675

    m and m direct are always competive on prices and you cant go far wrong with asics, adidas or saucony, it's really just a matter of getting a good fit (part. importnat for running shoes else blisters / injuries are much more likely...) hth, dan

    mandm are ]here

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    Thanks guys, gives me an idea. Appreciated

    It will be worth taking a look in your local JJB i went last weekend to get some new running shoes. they have plenty of choice and i got some new Asics for £39 obviously there were cheaper and more expensive ones, But at least you will get to try them on and feel the support which they offer rather than buying from the web!


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    Yep, just wanted an idea what people recommend and price ranges. I am not a big runner

    I fully intend to try before I buy.


    Agree that [url][/url] are a good retailer.
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