Running shoes/trainers

    Hi im needing some for my new found hobby. Well, power walking at mo but intend to jog lol. slowwwlyyy
    Problem being i have wide feet and have to get shoes that are E width.

    Which trainer make are generous in width?


    New balance are the best and made in the england as support a English company

    try asics excellent for general cross training

    As above I would reccomend asics as I have wide feet and they provide good support, I am currentlky wearing Asics GT2120's and have ran a half marathon and a few 10ks to which they have provided good support and comfort

    If you have a up and running shop in your area they can do a "gait" test by where they provide you with different running shoes then get you to run on a running machine to which they record the footage and then can tell you what shoe is best. Not sure if other running shops do this test so maybe worth an ask

    Some people under pronate and some over pronate when they are running so a gait test can provide good but at the end of the day depends on how seroius you want to get into running…php - online sales…php - list of shops

    Yep, New Balance are very good, staple shoe of the Marathon runner.
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