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Posted 15th Apr
Hi all! Hoping someone can help. My husband has started running (on roads) but has a bad ankle following a bad break a few years and this is affecting his running. Can anyone recommend tried and tested trainers that offer good ankle support? Ideally with decent heel cushioning too?

Thanks in advance!
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When lockdown is not limiting he is going to be best off going to a local shop such as "up and Running" which will record and look at how he is running on a treadmill and give recommendations accordingly
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He really needs to go to a shop that does fittings for running shoes ('gait analysis'), as he needs to take into account other factors such as his running style, over/underpronation, etc.
These shops will offer good advice. The shoes they sell might cost more than those in large 'sports' shops, but they will be much better for him and will save him from further injury.
Google 'running shop <nearest big town or city to you>', and look for one that offers to check your running style (e.g. 'Run and Become', 'Runners Need', 'Up And Running').
Obviously this can't be done until after the lockdown is lifted
No such thing as trainers with ankle support, he needs to start of very slowly and build up the muscles first. And getting trainers with lots of heel cushioning will make weak ankles worse as it will promote more flex at the ankle joint as the foot tries to stablize itself.

Try to run on soft ground, gentle ankle exercises, standing on 1 leg for example, take it very slowly at first.
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He is probably better switching to cycling - less impact on his ankle (as well as other joints).
as said above, running trainers can give support if you get the right trainers for your running gait so that you don't develop injuries from running, but they don't help with injuries once you have already developed them so if your husband has a bad ankle then taking up cycling instead would be the better exercise as that is less of an impact sport, or swimming.

running on roads is very high impact, not just on the ankle but the knees so if he does want to stay running then choose softer ground to run on, like grass surfaces as this will lessen the impact.
A good friend of mine has dodgy ankles and swears by the ankle braces that Andy Murray wears. Says they’ve eliminated any issues during running, football and the incredible amount of walking that he does as a postman.
Like above, I would always advise to go to a local running shop(not possible right now obviously so a bit of an issue) where he can get his gait analysed. That is with or without the ankle problem. He may or may not need a support shoe depending on how he runs regardless of ankle issue. The ankle pain, well that is not something a shoe will necessarily resolve. He could have other issues like a low arch, maybe insoles would be worth looking at and by that I mean orthopedic ones prescribed more than shop bought, if he's not already.

I would never just buy a pair of running shoes off the shelf/online without first getting looked at. Running shoes aren't cheap generally speaking so best to get as much info as possible as it's a minefield with the amount of options out there.

Wish him good luck with it.
I honestly don't think them machines in the shop are worth bothering with, they don't really replicate running on tarmac for a couple of hours. The problem is he can't even try a pair on at the moment, I agree that best option might be cycling if ankle is already damaged.
Sorry to sound negative
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