Running watch

    Looking for a cheap running watch to aid my training in a couple of half marathons this year.

    Ideally the main function i would like is to have it record distance (via gps or any other method) and the time. which i can work out my mile times.

    I have seen a few garming models but they are pretty expensive. there the only model i know of excep ironman timex.

    if anybody could help me out id be really grateful.

    thank you

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    I have an old Forerunner 201 and has a reasonable amount of functionality but is quite bulky - the main thing I miss is not having a heart rate monitor built in. The advantage of a GPS system is that it will tell you, not only your speed and distance covered, but will also track your exact route .... provided you can pick up a signal (tree cover, heavy cloud, built-up areas will hamper this).
    The newer models are not so bulky and some have a HRM built in, but are expensive. The new Garmin Forerunner 50 is a cheaper alternative as it uses a footpod to estimate speed/distance rather than a GPS based system:…tml

    Personally if cash is short I would go for a HRM rather than a GPS based-watch. You can use one of the many online mapping tools to measure your routes. Take a look at ] which is a great site to track your training, measure your routes, and will give you some stats on your training.

    Good luck with your training.
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