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Posted 29th Dec 2019
Question for any runners out there, I’m looking to replace my Vivoactive HR after almost 3 years due to aging eyes! I’m finding it a bit tricky to read what’s on the screen when I’m on a run - of course the easy option would be to wear my glasses when running but I only need them for reading so when I’ve got them on my distance vision is blurred.
So I’ve been looking at a bigger watch and I think I’m down to either a forerunner 245 or 645. Price wise I’ve found them for £199 although the 645 is the music version and the 245 isn’t but I’m not too bothered about being able to have music on the watch so that isn’t an issue, can anyone who has the 245 or 645 help me make a decision between the two?
There is also a wildcard option of a Polar Ignite but I’ve not had any experience of Polar watches so that is an outlier at the moment....any advice would be gratefully received
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I personally would stick with garmin, great watches and good customer service.
maybe find somewhere to try them on so you can make sure you can see the numbers and that the faces isn’t to big for your wrist (speaking as a person with small wrists)
I use a Polar as I prefer it to a Garmin, but some of my running friends prefer Garmin. It's just personal choice. My advice is to try out both brands & see which you prefer.
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