Russel Hobbs kettle keeps clicking

Found 25th Jun 2011
No it's not finished boiling the water, every 30 minutes or so it clicks as if it's finished boiling water but the element isn't heating up. Looked on Google, doen't seem like anyone else has this problem.
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Unplug it when not in use. Problem solved.
hard water area?

hard water area?

well it's not soft, just a light coating of scale on the inside nothing major
It's not the kettle its mice......
"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under! Go out into the back garden....grab the sledge hammer kept next to the pink flamingo and enter back into the kitchen,you will now beat the living pulp out of your kettle....don't worry it won't feel a thing its not in anyway like Wall.E...i promise you this....your back!" x
The clicking noise will be the thermostat which is most certainly knackered. For the price of a kettle these days it's time to get a new one.
should be in warranty but they don't do them anymore.

should be in warranty but they don't do them anymore.

Doesn't matter - they still have to honour the warranty - provided you have proof of purchase.
My mums kettle used to do that, but has changed it now so i dont know it if it was that make or not,
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