Russell Brand dissects the media furore over 'Manuel-gate'

    Does a decent job, not quite covering all the bases and skirting over certain things. But it's sad that newspapers are so terrified of their own extinction that they whip up campaigns over such things, and that we buy them...


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    Q: It seems to me that wouldn’t be a big deal [in the U.S.]. I was just wondering... what’s the different between doing the kind of stuff you do in England and here in the States?
    Brand: This is difficult for me to answer. Actually, it’s not difficult; it’s just complicated.

    Here it is. That prank phone call... it was not the nature of the phone call itself; it was the nature of socialist construction of the country I’m from. We have a thing called the BBC. The BBC is publicly funded. The privately owned media want to destroy the BBC because it’s brilliant. And the privately owned media - mostly Rupert Murdoch, who I'm sure some of you work for; in fact I work for him, so I've got to be careful - they don’t like me or Jonathan Ross. The Daily Mail, a powerful newspaper in the United Kingdom, they don’t like us because we’re both from working class backgrounds. I’m a former drug addict, and instead of dying, I’ve gone on and (expletive deleted) everyone, and made loads of money. That’s not the story they want. "Drug Addict Found Dead in Gutter" - that’s drug addicts for the Daily Mail. It’s confusing for their message. Plus, I’m innately anti-establishment in my behavior and stance. So they want to destroy me.

    Now, the thing we did that was wrong was we left a rude answering message on an elderly man’s phone. But in my head, he was still the character he played on this sitcom thirty years ago. I didn’t think of the reality. He played the character Manuel on FAWLTY TOWERS, which I loved. And I just saw this man in a white waiter’s jacket holding one of them silver things like that. (Strikes a waiter-ly pose) And that’s who I was leaving an answering machine message for.

    So the thing is, I had sex with this dance troupe, and one of that dance troupe was the grand-daughter of this man. I was explaining that on the radio, actually in quite a funny way. So we phoned up Andrew Sachs, and ended up leaving this message. It was very silly and juvenile, but actually funny. So the newspapers - as you know; you’re a journalist - are dying. People don’t need these papers no more; people get news from other sources. So newspapers need to campaign to remain relevant; they have to have opinion. So they manage to push these opinions, and there was this perfect storm. Jonathan Ross, they don’t like him earning so much money; me, they don’t like what I represent; and they don’t like that he was an old-style comedian attacked by sort of younger folk. So it becomes this conglomerate of lunacy. But to be honest, I found it amazing. It was like a sociological experiment. I like it if the news begins, "The main news again is Russell Brand..." I think, "Good! Yeah! That is the main news. About time!"


    "Drug Addict Found Dead in Gutter"

    Subscribed. :-D


    I agree with him completely.

    That whole week's show was epic. Really funny. Especially leaving the voicemail (which I suspect didn't actually happen anyway)

    No, Im gonna go with the headline "fapped with head in a plastic bag"

    Original Poster Banned


    I agree with him completely.That whole week's show was epic. Really … I agree with him completely.That whole week's show was epic. Really funny. Especially leaving the voicemail (which I suspect didn't actually happen anyway)

    The podcast was always good. Shame it went:-(


    in after subscibing daily mail bigot:)

    done alright the lad, "dance troupe"
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