Russian Ice Hockey Fight - Just keeps going and going and going ......

    This is quality.

    Just when you think it's all over and things have calmed down................ BANG !!!!!


    Original Poster…713

    Last night hockey game gone real messy in Russia when the sudden quarrel emerged turning into an epic fight. Reporters say that this one has beat up all the records according to its overall duration time, including same situations from NHL. All of it was aired on TV too so all the viewers could get two-in-one - a hockey and some sort of street boxing tournament.

    Lol, we need this kind of stuff in the UK.
    Loved that super fast flying punch as well.

    lol that was awesome :lol:

    Original Poster

    Maybe ITV can introduce a 'Fighting On Ice' programme in the near future ..............

    Now that would pull the viewers in ;-)
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