Russian Standard vodka percentage change!

Found 29th Nov 2017
I love Russian Standard vodka. It's 40% and never gives me a hangover! Thought I'd go to sainsburys to get a deal on their 1L Russian Standard, however the 1L bottles have now dropped to 38%, so the reduced price might seem good but it's less alcohol and more water that you're buying so it's going to be cheaper! The 70cl bottles still state 40% for now... They should put a new label on it to highlight this otherwise you think you're buying a different strength/quality product to what you are paying for..

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alright becs

"They should put a new label on it to highlight this"

You mean like the one you read to see that it was 38% and not 40%?

If you’re going to use a mixer with it, just put less mixer in the glass

“Outraged of Skid Row”

Move up to the Platinum one?

Original Poster

It's like the 'toblerone effect': Less chocolate, more air in the box!
The Russian Standard effect: Less vodka, more water in the bottle!
Big brand, sneaking in changes 'under the carpet'. Warning! Double check what you're buying! Lucky\unlucky dip! Some places sell the 40%, some 38%..

That's not good! It's my go to vodka so I'm a little peeved they're messing with it. Just checked Sainsbury's website and both the 70cl and 1 litre are showing as 38%. Asda's website is still showing it as 40% so I'm thinking it's time to stock up.

Oh dear all them lovely folk hanging in the town center church yard are gonna be so upset with this tragic news!

Practice your sad face and give the daily mail a ring
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